What Diversity & Inclusion Covers

Diversity certification covers the key aspects of diversity and inclusion using case studies, activities, and step-by-step facilitation instructions, supported by recorded webinars, interactive wiki, PowerPoint slides and participant workbook. 

Besides cultural diversity and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and bias, some relatively new areas of emphasis are:

How Men and Women Can Work Together More Effectively                       

   Our Diversity training covers the different ways men and women think, communicate, and work. The research-based content, case studies, and discussion in this area, often neglected by some diversity programs, adds an important, highly relevant aspect to your diversity program.​

How Different Generations Can Work Together More Effectively
    Diversity certification covers the new area of Generations at Work. We cover the key characteristics of the four generations in today's workplace; The Mature Generation; the Baby Boomers; Generation X; and Generation Y. You will learn the value system of each generation, enabling people to work more effectively together.

Working with Persons with Disabilities and Sexual Diversity
    We also cover the area of ability and disability at work and offering case studies relevant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its requirements for organizations and managers. You will learn what the law requires and how to work more effectively and fairly with persons with disabilities. We also cover sexual orientation diversity

No other certification program enables you to become a great trainer on any topic, an effective coach, and an expert facilitator of one or two cultural programs (corporate and world) in one process!


Diversity & Inclusion Training and Certification

Cross-Cultural Skills Certification

Together or Separately

Plus Coaching, and Train-The-Trainer. All Online

Choice 3: Two Programs in One Certification (Best Value)

Get the two Culture-Based Programs in One  Online Certification + Coaching + Heart & Mind Learning.

Get One or Both Programs in One Certification

1- Inclusion / Diversity / Bias / Gender / Generations / Sex-orientation

2- Cross Cultural Skills / Global Competency Workshop

All with Train-the-Trainer Heart & Mind Learning to Deliver Great Workshop on Any Topic, and Get the Coaching Course.

The most comprehensive culture-based programs available today, offered in one low-fee certification.

In HumaNext Train-the-Trainer 3-in-1 Program, You Choose to Train and Coach on Diversity & Inclusion Only; Cross-Cultural Competence Only, or Both Programs in One Online Certification.

Both Cases Give You 3-in-1 Program- Here Is How It Works:

1- You learn the techniques to become a great trainer on any topic using our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology.

2- You get the Coaching Course to coach others to achieve their goals.

3- You learn and get certified to deliver your choice of either one or both workshop(s) on:

  • Diversity & Inclusion at Work: Cultural, gender, generational, abilities, sexual differences.
  • Cross Cultural Skills & Global Competence: Cross-cultural communications, management, understanding major world-cultures, negotiation, more.

Choice 2: Cross-Cultural Intelligence Certification

Cross Cultural Skills and Global Competence

CULTURAL AWARENESS:  Provides a complete Cross Cultural Skills Inventory participants can complete either in advance or in the session to get a picture of their level of cross cultural competency before the training. This part also covers what culture is, what is clear and what is hidden of it, and how it impacts values and behaviors.

EXPERIENCING CROSS CULTURAL DIFFERENCES:  Simulation and real-life case studies that help participants have an “experience” of cultural differences in the session, which may be for the first time for some of them.

DEVELOPING CROSS CULTURAL SKILLS: Participants will learn specific insights and skills for understanding and working effectively with cultural differences. This is done not with lengthy lectures but in an interactive manner that involves participants in discussions, role-plays, and exercises.

UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN AND TRADITIONAL CULTURES:  With this section you can provide a deeper insight into the American dominant culture, including its African-American and Hispanic sub-cultures. Americans need to understand their own culture before trying to understand a different one. Others will also benefit from understanding American culture in order to work effectively with Americans.

The training covers a number of methods to understand and contrast world cultures. It then provides an innovative simplified and unified method to understand three broad categories of world cultures and compare them to each other and to the American culture. This is the easiest and fastest way to develop broad cross cultural understanding without spending countless hours trying to understand the culture and habits of each country in the world.CROSS

CULTURAL NEGOTIATIONS: The workshop includes applications on cross cultural negotiations that provide crucial insights and skills that help participants conduct successful negotiations across cultural differences

Choice 1: Certification in Inclusion & Diversity

  • HumaNext’s approach is to deliver diversity as a positive experience that touches the hearts and minds of participants in a personal way, resulting in a more enduring impact on behavior.
  • Your trainees will leave the workshop feeling highly committed to diversity and empowered to live it at work.

We cover the following aspects of diversity and inclusion:

  • From Personal to Business Diversity
  • Culture Diversity 
  • Gender Diversity/ Men & Women Working Together 
  • Generations at Work 
  • Abilities and Disabilities
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Conscious and unconscious bias.