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What Trainers Achieved with Our EQ Workshop 

"I'm planning an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) workshop on a relatively short notice. I'm a psychology professor and have conducted EQ workshops for years but this time I wanted to inject some new materials. Your material is excellent. Thank you."
    - Charles Carroll, EdD, MS., Senior Vice President, Development and Institutional      Effectiveness, Daytona State College

"I had my first run of the Applying EQ at Work workshop with the management team of Samsung (a multinational Korean firm here in the Philippine with 4000 employees). The 2 day seminar worked really well. I am so proud to share this good news."   - Ging Igual, Consultant, The Philippines​​

Here is how our HumaNext 3-in-1 Program works:​

1- You learn the techniques to become a great trainer on any topic using our Heart & Mind Learning.
2- You get "The Coaching Course" to coach others with EQ.

3- You Get Certified to Deliver "Leading with Intelligence" EQ 3.0 program covering Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking- the most complete intelligence-based training available today.

No other certification program enables you to become a great trainer, an effective coach, and a facilitator of emotional intelligence plus two other types of intelligence, all in one process!

Clients of HumaNext Training and Certification Are Leading American Organizations, Trainers,  and Consultants Around the World..

How People Benefit from EQ Training

Leaders, managers, supervisors, and professionals taking this powerful EQ training will:

  • Gain an honest and accurate awareness of themselves.
  • Monitor and manage their own emotions and behaviors for their own benefit and that of their team and department.
  • Have a positive influence on the emotions and motivation of others.
  • Develop cohesive, emotionally intelligent teams that produce breakthrough results
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters emotional intelligence, respect, collaboration, and creativity.

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What a US Army Coaching Director Said about our EQ training

"I have weaved some of the concepts (of the training) into what I am doing here at the Army... Francois leads his 'Applying Emotional Intelligence' class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise."

- Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director , US Army

HumaNext EQ 3.0 Model delivers the most complete multiple intelligence-based training, linking intelligence to action in a meaningful practical way.

EQ 3.0 Covers:

- Emotional Intelligence: Know yourself

- Critical Thinking: Know the world

- Creative Thinking: Change the world

Get Certified in EQ-3.0: Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking in One Online Process 

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Advantages of HumaNext's Emotional Intelligence Certification

  1. It is the only certification process that gives you the opportunity to certify in more than one topic / workshop in the same process, and completely online.
  2. It Trains-the-Trainer, you, to design and deliver great training on any topic, using our “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
  3. Our certification program is not based on an assessment tool, as are some other EQ certifications, where you basically get trained to use their assessment instrument. We offer a powerful EQ assessment, but the focus is on a complete workshop you can deliver without using any assessments if you so choose.
  4. Our EQ 3.0 certification uses the most popular approach of EQ training popularized by Daniel Goleman where we focus on the four key dimensions of emotional intelligence: Self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management.
  5. The EQ 3.0 Model makes the whole field of intelligence training more accessible by using the simple yet powerful modules of Emotional Intelligence - Know yourself; Critical Thinking - Know the world; and Creative Thinking - Change the world. See the graph below.
  6. We don’t require you to buy Participants Workbooks from us, or any other materials or products, nor do we take commission or fees from you every time you deliver.
  7. You have the opportunity to get certified in more topics/ workshops at significantly reduced fees.
  8. Some of the world’s best organizations got their trainers certified to deliver our workshops, from the Mayo Clinic and the US Army, to consultants in Canada, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  9. We keep our fee significantly lower than what others charge, enabling many new and recent trainers and consultants to get certified to deliver our training around the world.

Institute for Training and Coaching by HumaNext

Emotional Intelligence Certification Online

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You Will Get Heart & Mind Learning as Part of Your Certification

Heart & Mind Learning is our exclusive methodology that enables you to turn any training into a great learning experience that touches people's hearts and minds.

This powerful Train-The-Trainer methodology will significantly elevate your facilitation of any training topic, not just emotional intelligence.

Leading with Intelligence the Steve Jobs' Way

One of the best examples of intelligent leadership and the power of purpose can be found in the way the late Steve Jobs, the legendary founder of Apple, convinced then Pepsi's President Scully to leave his job at one of the best international companies in the world and come work for him at the relatively small and unknown company Apple.

Jobs asked Scully: "Do you want to spend the rest of your life manufacturing colored water or do you want to change the world?"

Scully said that he could not sleep that night after hearing that question that compelled him to confront the purpose of his life squarely in the face. He ended up accepting Jobs' challenge and left Pepsi to join Jobs' mission of changing the world.

Your EQ 3.0 certification enables you to help people experience the very exciting process of discovering their life's purpose and uncovering their talents and strengths, as part of developing their self-awareness. EQ 3.0 then train people on two other key types of intelligence: Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking, thus offering the most complete intelligence-based training.

Next Gen EQ 3.0

Why certify in emotional intelligence only when you can add critical thinking and creative thinking in one certification process?