Why 3D?

Because you don't do personality assessment only. It's a complete 3D development process:

  1. Discover Your Personality.
  2. Develop your strengths.
  3. Design your desired future.

DISC Personality Style - An Easier Understanding

In addion to our own simple yet powerful personality type tool, (PersonalityScope3D), we offer the easiest way to understand the well-known DISC style tool. And you will also learn about the nature of some of the most popular personality type tools used today. This way you will have a complete, rounded view of the field. No other personality provider gives you this.

Beyond Types - Coaching Self and Others

PersonalityScope3D takes you and your employees or clients beyond the limitations of current personality type assessments.  It eliminates the problems of stereotyping, negative labels, and paralysis by analysis suffered by most personality assessments today. Use it for your own development, or get certified online to use it to coach and train employees or clients. 

Most traditional assessments offer nothing beyond the initial excitement of personality-type discovery. No self-development. No planned change. No future designs and creation - just lengthy reports filled with data, charts, and exhausting descriptions that people quickly forget.

PersonalityScpe3D is changing all that. It is the most significant personality development and strengthening system to appear in decades.

3- Design Your Future

After discovering your personality, identifying your genius and best self, developing your strengths and improving the areas that need more work, you are ready to take the best of the past to the future. 

Designing the future is another very exciting part of your PersonalityScope3D journey. In essence, it's what the journey is all about. And most importantly, it is a future that is in harmony with your best self, your calling. Any other future will not be as exciting or rewarding. Why settle for less?

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The Next Level in Personality Coaching and Development: 

“It’s a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”

                                                                                         - Somerset Maugham

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Giving People Access to their Best Selves: PersonalityScope3D 

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Seeing a Picture of Your Life

In one of the activities you do during the "Discovery" phase, you are invited to take a panoramic view of your life. With specific instructions and guidance, you engage your memory, heart, and mind, in a process of seeing, as if for the first time, what has been under the dust of days and nights. 

The process enables you to uncover the major themes, connections, milestones, and meanings of what you have experienced in your life. This is a much deeper and meaningful methodology than just using a personality type assessment.

We enable people to expand their strengths without turning a blind eye to areas that require coaching.

We explain why this is important in our free report.

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Next Generation Personality Coaching-Training: Join the Movement!

Why not offer your team, or your clients, the next generation personality development coaching and training?

If you are a consultant anywhere in the world, get certified to deliver PersonalityScope3D to your clients. Partner with us to bring this exciting process and tool to the word, and be part of a rewarding coaching and training movement.

We offer different licenses to meet different needs: 

  • You can get certified to use it in one-to-one coaching sessions, or in a classroom training format.
  • You can order an Organization License for a wider use inside your organization, or a
  • Special License to include it in a course you sell to users.

We also offer special reduced rates for consultants in certain parts of the world to help spread our reach. Inquire at bottom of page describing your needs.

1-Discovering Your Personality

We take you on an exciting journey of self-discovery. You take a number of preliminary assessments, but you don't stop there.

You get engaged, first individually then online with your co-learners, in a series of powerful activities, challenging exercises, and provocative assignments you do online, sharing and learning with other learners.

Each segment of the process builds on the previous one, moving methodically, taking the best of the past to the present in preparation for creating the future.

 Why New Personality Coaching and Training?

People are fascinated by personality type assessments. It is a $4 billion industry. Now you can help them go beyond types with PersonalityScope3D

Get it for yourself and your team, or get certified online to coach and train clients. 


See Everyone's Personality

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2-Developing Your Strengths

You start developing your strengths by identifying your talents in a process we call "Identifying Your Genius".
We focus on the the competencies that make the most difference in people's performance. These have been identified by research as:

 - Emotional intelligence: Research shows that EQ is what contributes most to peoples' advancement at work. 

- Communication and relationships: Surveys show that the managers' most critical challenge is communication. 

- Creativity, agility, and ​innovative thinking: Innovation is this decade's most critical advantage for people and companies.

Providing tools and tactics in these three vital areas is a unique benefit of this program. No other personality assessment training pays attention to these areas.

Personality Profile

PersonalityScope3D uses an innovative profile concept, and a tool that is easy to understand and use, avoiding the paralysis by analysis problem of most assessments.

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